Research Interests

As a Ph.D. graduate from the University of Central Florida, my research expertise lies in both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, with a proficiency in various quantitative tools and programming in R and Python. My academic background and publication record demonstrate my capability in conducting interdisciplinary research in complex areas.

Exploring Marginalization and Its Policy Implications

My current research is focused on understanding the dynamics of marginalization and its implications for public policy and societal well-being. This includes studying the impact of societal, institutional, and structural factors on certain groups and how this segmentation influences social cohesion and democratic processes.

The Role of Digital Technology in Public Discourse

An important aspect of my work involves examining the influence of digital technology, especially social media, in shaping public discourse on policy problems. This is crucial in understanding how information dissemination affects the marginalization of vulnerable groups.

Integrating Diverse Theoretical Perspectives

My approach is to combine theories from public administration, public health, communication, sociology, and criminology with advanced methodological techniques. This interdisciplinary strategy aims to contribute insights into creating cohesive, inclusive societies while addressing the challenges posed by divisive groups.

In-depth Studies on Marginalization

My research delves into the mechanisms of stigmatization and marginalization across various groups, including PWUDs, immigrants, LGBTQ+ individuals, and far-right groups. This includes examining their societal impact, the factors contributing to their development, and the role of policy in their marginalization.

Societal Impact of Marginalization

I am investigating the socio-political and health-related consequences of marginalization, focusing on how marginalized groups respond to their circumstances, whether through radicalization or withdrawal, and the broader impacts on society and public health.

Policy Interventions for Social Equity

My work also involves developing and analyzing policies to enhance inclusivity and social equity, utilizing evidence-based policy models and predictive models. This includes reviewing current social and health policies, proposing innovative recommendations, and employing participatory research designs.

Digital Platforms in Social Dynamics and Policymaking

A significant portion of my research is dedicated to understanding the impact of social media and online information systems on public opinion, policy-making, and societal division. This encompasses analyzing the role of digital platforms in shaping public discourse and decision-making processes.

AI’s Role in Policy Implementation

I am exploring the dual role of AI-based technologies in public policy, focusing on both their applications in public services and their societal impacts. This includes examining the challenges posed by AI-driven social media platforms and algorithmic decision-making processes.

Global Collaborations and Interdisciplinary Synergies

My research journey involves extensive global collaborations and interdisciplinary integrations, working with experts from various fields. These collaborations enhance my research’s contextual grounding and versatility, contributing to a comprehensive approach in addressing societal challenges.

Commitment to Impactful Research

At the core of my research philosophy is the aim to produce studies with real-world impact. My field experiences have reinforced my dedication to research that benefits social welfare and organizational effectiveness. I am committed to continuing this path, conducting academically rigorous research with practical significance.


Update: 02.12.2023

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