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Obama’s Legacy: 7 Character Traits Revealed in Obama’s Handwriting

Obama’s Legacy: 7 Character Traits Revealed in Obama’s Handwriting

With multi-industry bailouts, an unprecedented federal deficit and National Debt, and soaring unemployment, is Barack Obama up to the challenge of pulling the United States out of its economic crisis? A scientific analysis of his handwriting reveals nine characteristics that predict the state of the nation we can expect under Obama’s command During National Handwriting Week (January 18-24, 2009).

“The character traits displayed in Barack Obama’s handwriting are reminiscent of world renowned political leaders like John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan,” says court qualified handwriting expert Bart Baggett, author of the best-selling book

“Success Secrets of the Rich and Happy” , “America’s Most Wanted” on-air handwriting expert and Director of Handwriting University. “No matter what my personal political beliefs are, graphology isn’t biased. It doesn’t lie. It doesn’t vote. The handwriting proof is revealed when pen is put to paper.”

Baggett’s handwriting analysis of President Obabma reveals at least nine characteristics common place among previous world renown leaders of commerce, politics, and the arts.

* Large capital letters in signature show a healthy ego, confidence;
* An open loop on the letter h indicates a mind open to different philosophies;
* The short stem on the d’s reveals an independent thinker;
* A figure-8 shaped g designates one with fluid thinking; and
* A clean letter o points out his openness and bluntness.
Barck Obamas handwriting sample with notes from Bart Baggett. Source of handwriting sapmle unknown


(click to enlarge) Barack Obama’s handwriting sample with notes from Bart Baggett. Source of handwriting sapmle unknown

The only leadership trait blatantly missing from Obama’s handwriting, according to Baggett, is the infamous high and long t-bar that indicates both a high self-esteem and a visionary thinker who is a master at forward thinking. The handwriting of Kennedy and Reagan included these traits. Obama, on the other hand, crosses his t’s at an average height, which reflects a good self esteem and humility. “I don’t think we can judge his entire leadership skills or predict his presidentiallegacy on one sample of handwriting. In fact, I think modern graphology and leadership traits can be an accurate guide, but history will be the ultimate judge.”

Baggett’s graphology system, or handwriting analysis, is a scientific based personality diagnostic system that can be incredibly useful in business, politics, and even relationships. It allows the analyst to reveal one’s character without biased or insertion of personal opinion. Many employers request faxed handwriting sample prior to even a telephone conversation; eliminating and sorting personality types before they meet the prospect.

More information about handwriting analysis can be found at Baggett’s online handwriting analysis membership site: Handwriting University.com Or, discover what your handwriting reveals about you in a written report using Baggett’s free online handwriting analysis self-test at Handwriting Wizard.com . Baggett is starting a 10 Week Certification Level Tele-Class program this month which is open to the public. HandwritingUniversity.com/classes/classes.html

About Bart Baggett

Bart Baggett is one of the world’s top court qualified handwriting experts. He is president of Handwriting University, which has students in over 17 countries and campuses in the USA, India, and Taiwan. He is a frequent guest on such TV networks as Court TV, CNN, and Fox News. He has even successfully survived appearances on the Howard Stern Show and VH1’s ” I Love New York”.

Baggett lives in Los Angeles and is the founder of the International School of Forensic Document Examination, a distance learning school which trains handwriting experts worldwide. htttp://internationalschool.us.


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